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About Us

Paul Needham

I'm the owner and maker here at Charter Oak Woodworking. While I've been putting down roots in Houston, TX for well over a decade, the name of my company is designed to pay homage to my home state of Connecticut, whose state tree is the Charter Oak. Wood carving started as a hobby of mine when I wanted something quiet to do when my kids fell asleep. Now, my kids are a little older and I can be a little louder, and wood carving has turned into wood working. As my inventory of tools and, more importantly, my skill using those tools increases you'll see more and more things here and on my shop. I hope you come back often and I would love the opportunity to create something that will exceed your expectations! 

Tiffany Cuellar Needham

Tiffany is my wife and lead designer. Usually, I'll start with an idea and Tiffany will help me work off the fine edges until it makes sense, the colors match, the finish is pleasing, and someone would actually want it. She's also got a much better brain for business and finances than I, so most of my business decisions get her stamp of approval as well. Even more remarkable than her eye for detail is the fact that she lends all these services to me relatively free of charge! 

Lead Designer

Nick Fabiani

All logos associated with my work are the result of Nick's hand. He got to know my work and what it aspires to be prior to creating anything and I recommend him highly if you are in the need of logos or any graphic design work! 

*Please don't hold him responsible for this website, as it is all my doing! 

Graphic Designer

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